A Little Help from My Friends


(Andy and Nathan are in the living room approximately 20 feet from the bedroom where I’m ‘sleeping’. Talking in the whispered voice of a 90-year old man who forgot to put in his hearing aids, the following conversation ensues)


Yayo, I want to watch Mighty Machines(← click link)!


Nathan, I am not putting that on. Seriously. I am sick of Mighty Machines(← click link)




Nathan. You are not the boss so stop telling me what to do.


Okay Yayo. Put on Mighty Machines(← click link). Please. And I want my soy milk (which is really almond milk… potato/ po-tah-toe)

(Andy puts on Mighty Machines [← click link] and pours soy milk)

click play button ↓


SCENE 2:   7:30AM

(Walking into the living room to survey the damages of 15 minutes without Mom’s supervision, Andy is preparing to leave for work. There is background conversation but the voices are too muffled to fully understand what is being said. Andy leaves for work, the eyesore of a television is blaring Mighty Machines (← click link), Henry is on the porch barking at absolutely nothing and I am hearing the narrator’s voice from the “Wonder Years” in my head, chronicling the morning’s events and predicting the day ahead.

And the cleaning process begins…

 … scattering of toys around the house, leftover breakfast, laundry, and other family paraphernalia while Nathan is pretending to be a fire truck with its sirens on. Loud. Very, very loud. Apparently the fire is under Henry because Nathan is ‘spraying’ him with the truck’s hose which makes him start barking, which makes the sires get louder to be heard over the barking.

ME (i.e.: Fun Police)

Nathan, I know you are on an emergency call right now, putting out a fire, but please put your toys in you area.


I can’t right now mommy, I’m working. There’s a fire and I have to put it out.


I understand the state of emergency and respect your valued position in the fire department; however, your friend is coming over to play, but he won’t be allowed in until you pick up your toys.


SCENE 3:   8:45AM

A friend shows up at the front door, not unexpected, to pick up Henry, who begins barking. His barking alerts Prudence, who also begins barking. At the same time, another friend and her crew arrive, not unexpected, for some playtime with Nathan, who beings screaming because the Fun Police won’t allow any friends inside until he picks up his toys.

Before too long, Henry is gone for a few days at ‘camp’ with his good friend Taylor.  Nathan is being whisked away by his good friend for breakfast and playtime.  And I get some much needed quiet time, alone, with Prudence, just the girls.

click play button ↓

HAPPY DAY 01        Nathan and Eli        20141207_153353


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