Showering: The logistics.

I found myself counting down the minutes until I could fill the bathroom with steam and wash off “the hospital”, three days post-surgery. When the ‘magic’ hour finally arrived, I stripped off my clothes and stared at the drains, sitting on the counter, like two bloated dead fish, and though… oh. Right. You guys.

Although I’ve had company in the shower before, this is the first time said company was surgically attached. Am I supposed to hold the Drains with one hand and shower with the other? That is going to take coordination I don’t have, nor have ever had. I ended up tying a plastic grocery bag on a hook, attaching the hook to the sh20141126_085448ower rack, and putting the drains in the bag. So yea, it worked, but the 2 ½ foot cord dangling from my body to the JP Drains supported by a thin plastic bag required some fineness and very limited movement in any direction. I felt like I needed a shower after my shower.

There has got to be a better way…. back to the Wormhole.

Shower number two involved the Drains being safety-pinned to bathing suit bottoms. I was afforded full movement, until the very end, when the bottoms had to be removed to finish “the job’. Crap… back to bag, which I just ended up holding in one hand with the showerhead in the other. Details will not be forthcoming but let’s just say it wasn’t my most graceful moment.


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